For 10% off your first order, Use code FO10


For 10% off your first order, Use code FO10

Lucas ProTools Decorators ProMitt

The ProMitt is one of the most efficient products around, allowing professionals as well as enthusiasts to adopt a high speed, lean approach and achieve a quality finish.

The Lucas ProMitt for which a patent application has recently been filed. One of the leanest tools any coating technician would use. Lucas have previously trialed the ProMitt, using different materials and techniques. After many years of testing each prototype out, we finally settled on the right material. The idea was born out of the methodology being adopted by the Lucas team to coat the balustrades of the mammoth 95 level staircases inside the Shard at London Bridge which was a project completely finished by Lucas in 2012.

The testing of the ProMitt was conducted by Lucas employees and was trialed on flat, cylindrical and cubic like three dimensional structures, such as thin section MDF, railings, balustrades, handrails and lampposts. The finish was impeccable with our chosen product & was no less than the expected high standard which you find from Lucas. With a blue chip client list, high quality is a must and we didn’t want to compromise this when using such a lean tool, thus, trialing and testing was vital throughout the production process. With the ProMitt comes with an inner barrier glove to prevent paint from seeping through the material and onto the user’s hand.

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